A little bit about me: My father is German and my mother is American so I have two passports and love traveling. I was born in Germany in 1994, and then grew up going back and forth between the United States and Europe. Growing up, I had a lot of experiences; some wonderful, some tragic, but I believe it was all for the best because I can pull from those emotions and bring true feeling into my work. 
I'm a photographer, who fell in love with working on both sides of the camera and has a love for fashion and aesthetics. I attended VCUarts as a photography major and have worked with amazing companies such as Leica Camera and Ilford Printing. I have almost 10 years of professional photography behind me and am so excited for all of my years ahead of me. 

I've modeled a couple times in the past as a photographers' assistant while working with Ilford Master, Manuel Thomé and again with Leica Akademie photographer, Oliver Vogler. The photo of me by Thomé won an Award of Merit at the 2016 MPA-awards. 
I really starting modeling in February 2018 and since then, have worked with many amazing photographers, done a commercial shoots, been published, done runway shows, promotional modeling (including Bleacher Report’s Allstar Weekend 2019), and was the cover of Imirage Magazine Issue #277, and have a 12 page beauty story by Antonio Martez in the issue. I enjoy using my photography and creative backgrounds to help me to click with photographers, understand what they’re looking for and even add more creative ideas to the table.
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